Sermons | 2020

29/11/20The Order of ChurchPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
29/11/20I Will Surely Consume Them (Jeremiah 8)Pastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
26/11/20They Could Not BelievePastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
22/11/20Not of WorksDavid Porcedduyou_tube
21/11/20Amend Your Ways (Jeremiah 7)Pastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
19/11/20The Power of PrayerPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
16/11/20The LORD Hath Rejected Them (Jeremiah 6)Pastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
15/11/20Submitting to Governing AuthoritiesPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
12/11/20The Order of GovernmentPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
08/11/20Quit You Like MenLuc Filipczakyou_tube
08/11/20The Prophets Prophesy Falsely (Jeremiah 5)Pastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
06/11/20Building Strong FamiliesPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
31/10/20Spiritual Strength from GodMatthew Horsfallyou_tube
31/10/20Destruction Upon Destruction (Jeremiah 4)Pastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
29/10/20The Order of FamilyPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
24/10/20Jesus Loved His Own unto The EndAnthony Griffenyou_tube
24/10/20Turn, O Backsliding Children (Jeremiah 3)Pastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
22/10/20Excelling as An EmployeePastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
18/10/20The Order of EmploymentPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
17/10/20Two Evils (Jeremiah 2)Pastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
15/10/20The Order of God’s NaturePastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
11/10/20We Walk by FaithPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
11/10/20A Prophet unto The Nations (Jeremiah 1)Pastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
07/10/20Whom I Love in The TruthAnthony Griffenyou_tube
29/09/20The gods Are Come Down (Acts 14)David Porcedduyou_tube
27/09/20The Enemy of All Righteousness (Acts 13)David Porcedduyou_tube
19/09/20The Word of God Grew & Multiplied (Acts 12)David Porcedduyou_tube
15/09/20The Hand of the Lord was with Them (Acts 11)David Porcedduyou_tube
13/09/20CharityAnthony Griffenyou_tube
08/09/20A Centurion (Acts 10)David Porcedduyou_tube
05/09/20Your Decision will Affect Generations (Father’s Day)David Porcedduyou_tube
01/09/20The Little Giant (Acts 9)David Porcedduyou_tube
30/08/20After the TribulationAnthony Griffenyou_tube
26/08/20A Great Persecution Against the Church (Acts 8)David Porcedduyou_tube
23/08/20Stephen’s Defence Part 2 (Acts7)David Porcedduyou_tube
19/08/20Uncircumcision, Circumcision & FaithLuc Filipczakyou_tube
16/08/20Stephen’s Defence Part 1 (Acts 7)David Porcedduyou_tube
11/08/20Full of Faith and Power (Acts 6)David Porcedduyou_tube
09/08/20Generations, Families, Houses & Names for Fathers & LeadersAnthony Griffenyou_tube
04/08/20We Ought To Obey God Rather Than Men (Acts 5)David Porcedduyou_tube
01/08/20They Had Been With Jesus (Acts 4)David Porcedduyou_tube
25/07/20There are Three, and these Three are OneAnthony Griffenyou_tube
21/07/20And MatthiasDavid Porcedduyou_tube
19/07/20Why Marvel Ye at This? (Acts 3)David Porcedduyou_tube
16/07/20Full of ExtortionPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
12/07/20And When the Day of Pentecost was Fully ComeDavid Porcedduyou_tube
08/07/20Faithfulness, Oppression and, DeliveranceLuc Filipczakyou_tube
07/06/20Ye Shall be Witnesses unto MeDavid Porcedduyou_tube
01/07/20The Battle for the MindDavid Porcedduyou_tube
28/06/20Built the House, And Finished ItPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
25/06/20On Eagle’s WingsDavid Porcedduyou_tube
22/06/20The King, O God the King, He is thy LordAnthony Griffenyou_tube
17/06/20Alcohol and DrunkennessPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
15/06/20Individual Soul LibertyPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
09/06/20And Begged The Body of JesusDavid Porcedduyou_tube
09/06/20To Save life, or to Destroy it?David Porcedduyou_tube
03/06/20BreakthroughDavid Porcedduyou_tube
03/06/20My Little ChildrenAnthony Griffenyou_tube
28/05/20Even the Wind & the Sea Obey HimDavid Porcedduyou_tube
28/05/20All in One AccordLuc Filipczakyou_tube
21/05/20The Ox Still StumblesDavid Porcedduyou_tube
18/05/20Full or EmptyDavid Porcedduyou_tube
17/03/20The Fire Still BurnsDavid Porcedduyou_tube
16/03/20A Lad’s Lunch BoxDavid Porcedduyou_tube
12/03/20The Sin of RailingPastor Kevin Sepulvedayou_tube
11/03/20A Revenger to Execute WrathDavid Porcedduyou_tube
06/03/20ProphetsLuc Filipczakyou_tube
03/03/20Leah’s RejectionDavid Porcedduyou_tube
23/02/20Thou Shalt Keep ThemAnthony Griffenyou_tube
25/02/20More Than a CarpenterDavid Porcedduyou_tube